Accommodation ServicesSERVICE

Accommodation Services

Services during your stay

In order to make your stay more comfortable,
we offer accommodation services such as room service and rental goods.
Please feel free to ask.



    We have many support items available during your stay. We also have many items available free of charge. Please feel free to ask.




    We have rental service for children and babies' equipment so that families can enjoy the hotel comfortably with their small children.




    Dining in a room where you won't be bothered by the people around you is a different pleasure than dining in a restaurant.
    Please relax in your private space.

    Business Hours Breakfast 
    Weekdays, Sunday 17:00~22:00
    Saturday 17:00~23:00

    * The menu varies depending on the time of day.


Anniversary Celebration

We offer anniversary options such as cakes and bouquets for a wonderful stay.
Be sure to use it for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other occasions you spend with your loved ones.

  • Anniversary Cake

    Anniversary Cake

    For room service, we offer an anniversary cake set with our hotel's special cake and sparkling wine as a set.


  • Wine・Champagne


    For celebrations on special days such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Please use it for various occasions.
    We offer a variety of alcoholic beverages, including wine and champagne.


  • Bouquet and flower arrangement

    Bouquet and
    flower arrangement

    A bright bouquet of flowers to color your anniversary. We accept arrangements based on your budget and requests.

    Rosebud FREURISTES
    Business Hours Weekdays  11:00~18:00
    Saturday, Sunday and Holidays  10:00~17:00
    Contact +81-3-5962-4550

    *Temporary business hours 11:00~17:00

Luggage Storage Service

Before check-in Luggage could be kept within our storage from a month before the guest's staying period.
Service available only after contacting the bell desk or cloakroom at +81-3-5500-6711 (operator).
On the check-in day Luggage could be stored at the bell desk or cloakroom until 24:00.
On the check-out day On the check-out day, please advise the bell desk or cloakroom to store your items (until 24:00).
After check-out If the guest's next reservation is within a month, luggage could be kept at the bell desk or cloakroom until the registered day of check-in.

    Items not eligible for storage
  • 1.Plants, foods and items that could rot
  • 2.Items with shape that cannot be maintained over time
  • 3.Any items that emit odors
  • 4.Animals and insects (living animals)
  • 5.Cash and jewelry (valuables)
  • 6.Large objects with three sides' sum exceeding 2 meters
  • 7.Objects over 30kg
  • 8.(Hazardous items) Items that may cause fire, explosion, or harm
  • ※For special requests, please advise our bell desk at +81-3-5500-6711 (operator),
    Items to be stored shall be agreed to remain at the discretion of the bell captain.
  • ※If the guests do not retrieve their luggage after the allowed month,it will be defined as to be left at the discretion of the hotel for disposal.
    All additional costs, that may be issued for disposal, will remain at the guests' responsibility.