Guest Rooms


Accommodation Services

Room services, rental items and luggage storage service before check-in is available at this hotel in order to make our clients' stay more comfortable.
Please feel free to contact us.

List of Rental Goods

◆ Rental Goods -Free -
Bedding Items
  1. Buckwheat hull pillows
  2. Rubber pillows
  3. Blankets
  4. Bed boards (for hard beds)
  5. Hypoallergenic comforters
    (Housekeeping will make your bed with these items should you wish to use them.)
Electric Appliances
  1. Trouser press
  2. Humidifiers
  3. Ttransformers
  4. Irons (for safety reasons, up to 60 minutes)
  5. Desk lamps
  6. Transformers (220V)
  7. Shoe dryers
  8. CD & MD players
  9. Extension cords
  10. Plug adapters
  11. Read-only BD players
  12. Read-only DVD players
  13. Mobile phone chargers (for Android/iPhone/feature phones)
Medical Supplies
  1. Thermometers
  2. small blood pressure monitors
  3. scales
  4. cooling pillows
  5. hot water bottles
  6. ice bags
Kids’ Items
  • Kids’ set

    Kids’ set

  • kids’ step stools

    Kids’ step stools

  • kids’ play mats

    Kids’ play mats

  • bed guards

    Bed guards (Image)

  • potty seats

    Potty seats (Image)

  • temperature adjustable boilers

    Temperature adjustable boilers (Image)

  • nighties

    Nighties (Image)

  • Cribs

    Cribs (Image)

  1. Nightwear (Two sizes)
    Small [ages 5 – 10, height: 100 – 120 cm, total length: 60 cm] /
    Medium [ages 10 – 12, height: 130 – 140 cm: total length: 80 cm]
  2. Slippers (Two sizes) Medium [size: 23 cm] / Small [size: 20 cm]
  3. Kids’ toothbrushes
  4. Kettles for infants’ milk
  5. Play mats (fabric mats for infants)
  6. Bed guards(target: children between the ages 18 months – 5 years)
  7. Cribs(target: children who need support to stand)
  8. Potty seats(target: children between the ages about 18 months – 4 years)
  9. Baby baths(target: children between the ages 0 – 3 months)
  10. Kid’ step stools
  1. Go
  2. shogi
  3. reversi
  4. nail clippers
  5. can openers
  6. sewing set
  7. skin care products for men and women
  8. bamboos for massaging)
* Items that Can Be Taken HomeOthers

Amenities in the room such as slippers, toothbrushes, and bath salts can be taken home.

◆ Rental Goods -Paid -
Rental laptops

We have rental computers readily available for customers who would like easy access to laptop computers.

Rates ¥2,000/night

* Numbers are limited.
* Please show your identification card to rent laptops.
* For more information, please contact the front desk.

Rental laptops

* Image Photo

Regarding luggage storage
before check-in

We can receive your packages and hold them for you free of charge,
but we only accept packages 2 days prior to your arrival, please make sure your packages are delivered no earlier than that.

ADDRESS 2-6-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8701 Japan Hotel Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
TEL: 81(3)5500-6711

* Include the name in ENGLISH under which you made your reservation and your arrival date.

Regarding luggage storage before check-in
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