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Elegance and calmness, a beautiful scenery that is unique to Odaiba.

Set your spirit free with grace, serenity, and sceneries that change from moment to moment.
Experience the ultimate in relaxation for you and your loved ones.

Room Type


Executive Floor

Located on the highest floors of Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba are our Executive Floors (25th, 26th, 27th and 28th floors).
Features a private lounge exclusively for guests staying on the Executive Floors. Our staff is here to help you refresh your body and mind to experience a sense of freedom that cannot be experienced elsewhere in the city at a resort unique to Odaiba.

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Executive Floor Features

Authentic Style

Stretching before you is a tranquil, relaxing space created on the theme of "Grand Nikko Authentic". This space fuses the fuctionality and sophistication cultivated since our opening with modern design aesthetic.Experience effortless chic here.

Breeze Style

Experience a moment of brrezy relaxation on our Breeze Style Floor,
created on the theme of a "Tokyo Breeze Retreat".
The light from the morning sun reflected on the water shines into the guest rooms, creating a comfortable space that lets you feel the ocean breeze.


Executive floors have Airweave mattress pads.

With perfect resilience and excellent body contouring, these pads ensure high-quality sleep.

Executive Floor Characteristics


Bay View floor

From the Bay View Floor on 23rd and 24th floor,
all rooms have amazing sights full of freedom and dynamism such as Rainbow Bridge and the orange colored night view of Ooi pier,
unique to Odaiba waterfront area, unlike the view between skyscrapers in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Regular floor

The rooms on the regular floors on 6th to 22th floors are brimming with personality, starting with suites featuring elegant interior design.
These rooms combine the functionality required for business with the elegance of a resort.
Please have a pleasant stay at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba.

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