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Yamano Beauty Wellness Salon

"Healing and relaxation" where you can enjoy more elegant time and skin care

IYASHI healing


It is a menu with the theme of "healing and relaxation" that allows you to enjoy more elegant time and skin care.

・ Anti-stress facial treatment All-hand care regulates the skin cycle, cares for dullness and dryness, and promotes blood circulation at the same time.
・ Ageless Moisture Facial Treatment A care that provides the skin's original moisturizing function for dry skin with reduced elasticity and elasticity.

・ Mind Body Aroma Treatment Rhythmic care using organic essential oils works on various parts such as swelling, stiff shoulders, back and abdomen to awaken the body's original energy.
・ Energy Body Treatment The products that are rich in marine water minerals from the North Atlantic Ocean and the Infinity method that matches the rhythm of the body give energy to the body.
For those who want to purify the waste products accumulated in the body and feel the refreshment of the mind and body.

[Men's Treatment]
・ Facial Removes dirt and sebum from pores and promotes blood circulation to relieve eye strain and neck / shoulder stiffness.
・ Body care Promotes lymph and blood flow in the body and eliminates accumulated fatigue. It is a relaxation menu to regain vitality from tomorrow.

《IYASHI customization》
This is a course where you can customize the original menu from the above menus according to your taste.
We will provide the best treatment while counseling.
60 min ¥16,500
90 min ¥19,800
120 min ¥29,700
150 min ¥38,500
remarks * Consumption tax is included in the displayed price.



Let's start preparing to welcome the "best moment" with the "best self".

The protagonist of the day is "you".
We have a rich menu of hair care, skin care, nail care, etc. so that you can have the best day according to the wedding schedule.
We offer coloring, cuts, treatments, etc. for the day of the wedding. We also have a head spa for grooms who can refresh from the scalp and relax.

[Bridal beauty treatment salon]
You can feel the beauty not only from a pure smile, but also from the fresh skin of the décolletage line, which you can see from the collar and the dress with the collar of the kimono pulled out.
Care for the back, elbows, and fingertips, which you don't usually care about, is also essential for the bride.
At Yamano, our staff with solid knowledge and experience, high technology and rich sensitivity will help you to make you more beautiful than anyone else on that special day.
Enjoy a luxurious time in a perfect personal space and have the best day of your life in the best condition for your skin and mind.

We provide detailed counseling on the condition of your skin, and give advice on skin care schedules and optimal treatments tailored to each individual. We will also propose an original beauty treatment salon menu for you.
Brilliance course ¥220,000
Diamond course ¥121,000
Emerald course ¥88,000
Ruby course ¥55,000
[Schedule according to lifestyle]
Immediately before the wedding, busyness and tension peak.
We recommend that you consult with us as soon as possible so that you can spend your time calmly until the day of the event and have a good day with peace of mind. We also accept consultations on schedule settings so that you can come to the store at the time of the wedding meeting.

[Price list (for attendees)]
■ Hair & Makeup
Hair set ¥7,700
make Full make-up ¥ 6,600 points ¥ 3,300
■ Dressing
With tomesode ¥11,000
With furisode ¥16,500
[Price list (general)]
■ Hair & Makeup
Shampoo, cut, blow ¥16,500
Cut blow ¥14,300
Perm (including shampoo and blow) ¥16,500~¥19,800
Color (including shampoo and blow) ¥16,500
Hair set ¥8,800
make Full make-up ¥ 7,700 Point make-up ¥ 4,400
* We also accept coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and Shichigosan.
For more information, please contact the store or TEL: 03-5500-4011.

* Customers who make reservations may be given priority.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.

* Taxes are included in the displayed price.


business hours 10:00 ~ 18:30
Regular holiday Wednesday * Excluding holidays
Temporary holiday / business hours For the time being, we will change the regular holidays and business hours.
[Temporary holiday] Tuesday * Excluding holidays
[Temporary business hours] 10: 00-17: 00
TEL +81-3-5500-4011 (reservation required)