Atrium Building 4F

Runners Supporter “Grand Blue”

Japan's first runners support facility in Odaiba, a popular running spot where you can run while feeling the view of Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge and the sea, passing through Shiokaze Park and Odaiba Kaihin Park.

After running the running course of Odaiba while watching the Rainbow Bridge blown by the sea breeze of Odaiba, starting from "Grand Blue" in Grand Nikko Tokyo Odaiba, you can enjoy an elegant time unique to a hotel where you can use a shower and dresser. You can spend it.

We will be temporarily closed for the time being.

usage fee

Membership fee

Registration fee ¥ 320 (annual)
Use material ¥ 830 (1 time)
Coupon ¥ 4,180 (6 times)

Visitor fee

Use material ¥ 940 (once)

Towel use

2 sheets for bus face 1 sheet each ¥320
* There is no child fee setting.


Running course around Odaiba

The biggest feature of Odaiba's running course is that you can run while looking at the sea through Odaiba Kaihin Park and Shiokaze Park, and you can run comfortably along the coast without having to wait for a signal.
In addition, the sidewalk is wide and flat, so it is easy to run, so the environment for running comfortably is in place.

Facility information

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business hours Wednesday / Thursday / 18: 00-21: 00 (20:00 last reception)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / 9: 00-17: 00 (16:00 last reception)
Regular holiday Monday / Tuesday / Friday * Open on public holidays
TEL +81-3-5500-6750
Holiday information We will be temporarily closed from April 25th for the time being.
place Hotel Atrium Building 4th Floor
equipment Lockers (96 units), showers (7 units)
Dresser (8 units), shoe box (108 pieces)
Hair dryer, shampoo, cosmetics, toilet
* The number of facilities is for men and women